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What to Expect during Cupping Treatments

What to expect

Clients are fully draped to their level of comfort during treatments. Private time is provided prior to treatment for client to disrobe to comfort level based on the session requirements. Both male and female clients will be draped the same, no exceptions. Only areas directly being worked on by therapist will be exposed during treatment session. At the conclusion of treatment, private time is again given to the client to re-dress. 

The sensation of cupping is often characterized as deeply warm and relaxing. Cupping releases rigid soft tissue and stubborn “knots”. Contracted, tense, and painful muscle tissue softens quickly with just a few minutes of cupping.

Stationary and sliding cupping methods are what will be administered during treatment depending on treatment protocol.

Stationary will have various cups applied and left in place for a length of time varying from a few seconds to a number of minutes. This form of treatment is more likely to leave circular “hickey” marks depending on the amount of stagnant Qi, blood, fluid, or toxins in that area. An unfortunate misconception of the discoloration that occurs is bruising. Bruising is caused by impact trauma which damages/breaks blood vessels. There is no compression when cupping is properly administered. Marks disappear within 2-10 days. The amount, intensity and duration of coloration is important and should be shared with your therapist. Bright red is a sign of healthy tissue and blood flow and will usually disappear very quickly. Dark red or purple is a sign of stagnant energy or ischemia (limited circulation in the tissue).

Sliding cupping is when the practitioner administers oil to the skin surface for smooth gliding movements along a large body surface such as the back or thigh until softening of the muscle and connective tissue is observed. Sliding cupping is what is used during Cellulite Treatments. Cellulite treatments are generally 20-30 minute in duration. Each session covers 1-2 areas for treatment. Based on the client goals and assessment, the following areas are available:

*Upper arms, abdomen, sacral area (gluteal region), low back, thighs and calves.

Brief history

Cupping treatments have been used dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and ancient China as a way to remove toxins and poisons from the body. Archeologists have found evidence of cupping dating back to 400 B.C.. where cupping was used for internal disease and structural problems. Bamboo and hollowed out horns were used with a flame underneath to create suction to the skin and tissues creating separation needed for increased blood and lymphatic flow.

Cupping treatments

Cupping therapy is especially effective for chronic pain, muscle tightness and spasms and used to treat a broad range of medical conditions such as:


*Poor circulation

*Stagnant lymph and edema                          


*Poorly nourished skin and muscle tissue  


*Lung inflammation and congestion              

*High blood pressure

*Migraine and headaches                              

*Asthma and pneumonia

*Pre- and post- operative condition            

*TMJ dysfunction

*Planter fasciitis                                                

*Athletic stress and injury

*Cellulite- A light suction provides fluid drainage, while heavier application can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen “dimpling”.

Physiological effects include:                     

*Decrease or relieve pain and inflammation *Improved circulation

*Release deep muscular issues                   *Lift and stretch soft tissue

*Release and soften scar tissue                   *Increased range of movement

*Drain lymph fluid, clear drainage pathways *Open energy flow of the body

*Sedate the nervous system                         *Dredging and clearing old residue (blood and solidified lymph from injuries, surgeries, and chronic movement patterns) out of the muscle and soft tissue-“milking of the tissue”.

Cancelation/rescheduling of appointment times must be AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for services. Clients that do not call/show for scheduled appointment or cancel less than 24 hours in advance will have $25 deducted from pre-paid amount on first offense and the full amount of service thereafter. Clients that opt to pay day of service will receive an invoice via PayPal.

Cupping Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite: fat pockets underneath the skin causing the "orange peel" look. Diet, lifestyle factors, pregnancy, exercise, toxin accumulation and limited lymph and blood flow as well as genetics can affect the cause and appearance of cellulite. Cupping safely breaks down fat deposits while separating the skin from these "fat pockets" called cellulite. Light suction promotes drainage, draws out toxins and promotes healthy blood flow. Heavier suction helps loosen adhesions/dimpling and also promotes circulation and blood flow. Bruising may occur in areas with dense cellulite and will fade as area becomes less congested with cellulite, treatment also becomes easier. Optimal results are formed with frequent treatments, the best results have been proven to occur over a 10 week period for one hour per week, or 2-3 20-30 minute sessions per week, in addition to exercise, lots of water and clean eating. Cupping is a safe, inexpensive, invasive, complication-free treatment in comparison to liposuction and other methods. This is a very natural technique.

{Cellulite treatment regions}

Arms                 Thighs (front/back)

Calves               Gluteal region

Waist/Belly area

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