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Hear what clients have to say about making MyLand Wellness Massage a part of their wellness regimen...

-"I have been receiving massages from Yolande every other week for over 18 months.  She really listens to what I am experiencing in my body and has helped me greatly to manage neck and lower back issues as well as the build-up of stress in my neck, back and shoulders.  I view massage as a necessary maintenance for my life and Yolande has been a wonderful provider and friend.  I highly recommend Yolande to anyone out there that needs a therapeutic touch or just some pampering!" -S. Suggs, CPA

-"It is always a special day whenever I've got a massage scheduled with Yolande!  She is professional, personable, and attuned to sore spots and knots caused by stress or muscular overload.  Yolande always asks if any special treatments are desired, such as cupping or foot massage.  I've been seeing massage therapists for almost 20 years and I consider her a treasure."- M.  Englehardt, Property Manager

-"I was referred to Yolande by a good friend of mine. I started out my visits every two weeks focused on a reoccurring issue that I had from running long distances every week. I had been going to a chiropractor for months and it wasn’t getting better and after a couple sessions with Yolande it went away.

Yolande is very knowledgeable, asks the right questions, focuses on the issue and provides the solution.

I have continued to go back to her every two weeks because now it is part of a more healthy lifestyle that I have adopted. I have taken up yoga and become vegan and Yolande’s massage therapy is the perfect complement to these other aspects of my life. 

In addition to the other benefits, Yolande’s personality is the perfect fit to mine. It’s always a positive experience. I look forward to every visit with her because it enriches my life in many ways."- S. Bowman, VP Client Relations

-"After hearing rave reviews from several colleagues about Yolande, I finally decided to make my first appointment so that I could experience her magic touch for myself.  I had been dealing with some neck and shoulder issues for quite some time, and she was able to help relieve the pain.  Yolande’s positive attitude, strong hands, and very reasonable prices are a big part of why I continue to have regular appointments with her.  I look forward to each and every one of my appointments because I know I will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed"-A. Anderson

-"Yolande Adams is truly the most gifted, talented Massage Therapist in the greater Orlando area.  She is very knowledgeable & listens to your concern & needs.  I have been seeing her for over 2 years  & each time the results are remarkable. I have been having massages for the past 20 years & Yolande truly is, without doubt, the best. You come out of a session, relaxed, rested & overall feeling better.  When my son & daughter in law visit from Charlotte, a visit to Yolande is a must - they want to transport her to NC.  Yolande is a rare gem & she strives with each & every client to make sure they have the very best outcome from her amazing massage."- J. Kingston

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