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Yolande J. Adams

MT 0020481

State of Colorado Licensed 2017

State of Florida Licensed/Nationally Certified 2009 

Certified Personal Trainer International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association

Associates of Arts Physical Therapy Assistant 2002 

I was fortunate to begin my career working for a corrective care chiropractor, Dr. Michael Levine of Davie, FL where I was able to gain strength in medical massage and spot treatments to specific muscles or muscle groups. I was also afforded Spa experience at different spas in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, FL to give me a better understanding of working with different populations and providing each client with treatments according to his/her individual needs. 

I am an eclectic practitioner and tend to customize massages to each individual client's needs. Sensing the muscles in distress and spasm, I pay closer attention in removing tension from those areas for maximum results. The body operates as a whole, each system affecting the next. By removing interference from these systems, the body can function at its optimal potential thus reducing, and at times ridding the risk of sickness and disease. By educating clients on holistic and alternative medicine, they can go on to make sound decisions in their pursuit of health and wellness.

Massage Therapy is the only modality that has been used since ancient times which benefits ALL 11 SYSTEMS of the body! I truly enjoy helping people FEEL better and experience results versus masking the problems. As clients notice results and apply other alterations to their lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc.), clients are able to leave their life of pain and discomfort for a "feel of change".

When I am not treating clients, I enjoy working out, yoga, massages (have to "practice what I preach"), reading, listening to various types of music, sketching, cooking and taking trips to the beach. I come from a family of 7, where I am the eldest of 5. I love my siblings as if they were my own. We never grew up with much, and I learned to live with needs versus wants. I'm grateful for humility and hope that I can continue to be used as a vessel to make a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with for the better!

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